Объединение Вагоностроителей

Admission of New Members

Companies and organizations wishing to join the Association of Railcar Users and Manufacturers shall submit a written Application to the attention of the President or Executive Director of the Association.

The Application shall contain their unconditional acceptance of the objectives of the Association, consent to comply with its Articles and to undertake and perform all the obligations imposed on its members by the Articles. The President or Executive Director of the Association shall submit the Application to the Supervisory Board accompanied with a recommendation to admit the applicant as a new member of the Association.

Upon receipt of the Application for aadmission, the Supervisory Board shall hold a General Assembly of Members, as prescribed by the Articles. The resolution to admit the Applicant as a new member must be approved by three quarters of the votes of the Association members participating in the General Assembly.

The Applicant is considered to be admitted as a member of the Association and is endowed with all the rights and duties of a member of the Association from the date of approval by the General Assembly of the admission resolution.