Объединение Вагоностроителей


General Assembly

The supreme governing body of the Association of Railcar Users and Manufacturers is the General Assembly of Members, which brings together representatives of all member organizations of the Association. Each representative acts in accordance with the powers granted to them by virtue of a written instrument or power of attorney. General Assemblies of Association Members are held in the form of an in-person meeting attended by the members’ representatives.

The powers of the General Assembly are determined by the Federal Law “On Non-Profit Organizations”, other Russianlegislation in force and the Association’s Articles of the.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board manages the activities of the Association within its scope of competence. and reports to the General Assembly of Association Members.

The Supervisory Board consists of eleven (11) people and is elected at the General Assembly from candidates proposed by member organizations of the Association.

Myagkov Boris
Abakumov Andrey
Andreev Aleksandr
Asriyants Vladimir
Boronenko YUriy
Vodopyanov Andrey
Pleshakov Aleksandr
Savushkin Roman
Semenov Evgeniy
Sokolov Aleksey
Tomashchuk Kirill

Senior Management of the Association

Pleshakov Aleksandr
Semenov Evgeniy
Executive Director
Sokolov Aleksey
Filin Aleksandr
Savushkina Iuliia
Director of Industrial Research