About the Subcommittee

Subcommittees-7 (Freight Cars) and -18 (Passenger Cars Drawn by Locomotives) were created by a resolution of Technical Committee-45 (Railway Transport) on the reorganization of Subcommittees-6 (Locomotives and Motorized Rolling Stock) and -7 (Railcars).

The Association of Railcar Users and Manufacturers requested Rosstandart and Technical Committee-45 (Railway Transport) to consider reallocating Subcommittee-7 (Freight Cars) to the Association. Subcommittee-7 (Freight Cars) was previously attached to OAO NII Vagonostroyeniya.

The request was approved at a meeting with the head of Rosstandart, A.V. Abramov, on 29 December 29 2014,. The following people were appointed to manage Subcommittee-7 (Freight Cars):

Evgeniy Semenov (Deputy CEO of AO NVTs Vagony) as Chairman;

Konstantin Demin (Principal Designer at the Tikhvin Freight Car Manufacturing Plant) as Deputy Chairman; 

Denis Abramov (Head of Standardization at the All-Union Research and Development Center for Transportation Technology) as Executive Secretary.

In June 2015, a new list of member organizations of Subcommittee-7 (Freight Cars) and of Technical Committee-45 (Railway Transport) was prepared and approved.
A total of 38 member organizations agreed to participate in the Subcommittee’s activities.

A special page, “Subcommittee-7 (Freight Cars)”, has been created on the website of the Association of Railcar Users and Manufacturers, to publish detailed information about new standards being developed and amendments to existing standards.

Rosstandart Order No. 1663 dated 8 August 8 2018 approves a new Regulation on the Technical Committee for Standardization-45 (Railway Transport) and the composition and structure of the Committee. The membership of Subcommittee-7 (Freight Cars) was also updated. The document containing the updated membership details of the Subcommittee is available for download via the link below.